VerdaSee Solutions, Inc. is an advanced solutions integrator that specializes in the application of leading-edge sensor and communications technologies within the Internet of Things (IoT) that deliver real-time, user-configurable data analytics anywhere in the world. It has designed Real-Time Logistics (RTL) systems with In-Transit Visibility (ITV) for organizations that serve the most demanding and important initiatives: those which impact the protection and preservation of human lifeBecause the performance requirements of these sectors have such exacting demands, our solutions easily answer the needs of commercial applications in virtually any industry.

VerdaSee designs and develops systems that exploit Commercial Off-The-Shelf products (COTS) to manage costs whenever possible. However, if the challenge presents unique parameters for which there are no existing solutions, VerdaSee has an array of proprietary hardware and software solutions it can use to resolve issue. It also has established partnerships with the leading communications and chip companies in the world. As a result, it can address nearly any data capture, and analytics problem that might be encountered.

VerdaSee provides solutions that are:

  • Available in both fixed and mobile formats
  • Designed for rapid deployment (when required)
  • Ruggedized and dependable in austere environments (when required)
  • Highly intuitive with easy to use sensor technologies and user interfaces
  • Designed for seamless integration with existing software
  • Designed to offer backward and forward hardware compatibility
    • To eliminate obsolescence
    • To facilitate subsequent migration and expansion
  • Designed to deliver real-time, automated data acquisition
  • Designed to deliver real-time, user-configurable ubiquitous reporting
  • Designed to deliver real-time, user-configurable automatic alarms, including:
    • Automated alerts with respect to any security breach of containers, contents, etc. based upon the sensing of motion, shock or a breach detection of any kind
    • Automated alerts with respect to any environmental issue (i.e., a sensed exposure to any unexpected or unsatisfactory variance in any temperature, humidity, light or biological parameters, etc.)
  • Designed to provide secure and redundant data storage within the Cloud
  • Designed to monitor nested product sets (i.e., parent, child, grandchild relationships, etc.)

Our Solutions

We offer two suites of applications:

  • The VITAL-Suite (VerdaSee Information Technologies, Analyses and Logistics), which addresses those applications that are designed to protect and preserve human life
  • The VerdaC-Suite (VerdaSee Commercial), which addresses solutions that can be applied to significantly enhance logistics management, traditional track and trace issues (e.g., items, containers, vehicles, etc.), chain of custody challenges, etc. within any agency or organization… regardless of the degree of complexity

VerdaSee identifies its application modules with very descriptive names to assist you with finding a solution quickly, but if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why VerdaSee

Traditional systems integrators focus on the development of commercial applications with wide appeal.  Few, if any, choose to principally focus upon applications in which the stakes are so high.  It is one thing to create a tracking system that monitors inanimate objects: lose a box… no big deal; lose a life… well, that’s an entirely different matter!  VerdaSee recognizes this difference and is committed to providing the exacting standards required to fulfill its mission.  Its core design strategy is similarly driven.  Because VerdaSee focuses on this extremely narrow market niche, it has acquired great domain expertise.  It uniquely understands the importance of designing elegant solutions and delivering them in hardened packages; solutions that respect prior investment and offer a design philosophy that anticipates and embraces change.

VerdaSee recognizes that this same solution set is readily transferrable to more traditional commercial applications.  If ruggedized equipment is not required and the unique demands of austere environments are not present, VerdaSee “specs” commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment that more appropriately fits your needs and budget.  If your organization already has compatible IoT sensors, data analytics and Cloud capabilities… all the better!  Since VerdaSee’s solution is platform-based, it will integrate its solutions with your existing equipment and software applications and environments to protect your investment.