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Embed the industry-leading ThingMagic’ M6e UHF Gen2 RFID engine in the rugged, ubiquitous WORKABOUT™ PRO 3, add an advanced antenna design to dramatically boost performance, and create the ability to toggle between UHF and 433 MHz without requiring separate hardware and you have defined “state-of-the-art.”
Rather than requiring separate hardware and software to address readily identifiable needs, we solve the problem with a single, backward and forward compatible solution that saves money and time.
Choose WiFi, GPRS/EDGE or 3G HSDPA voice and data. Choose numeric or full alphanumeric keyboards. Choose your scanners, imagers and RFID options. There’s even a choice of Windows® flavors and a wide array of hardware and software add-ons to address your specific needs.
VerdaSee 1-Watt Workabout Pro
  • 1 Watt Power
  • Soft-Switchable between:
    • UHF Gen2 RFID
    • Active 433 MHz RFID
  • Advanced Antenna Design
  • Operable in all regulatory environments
  • Unique WORKABOUT PRO™ 3 modular design
VerdaSee’s WORKABOUT PRO™ 3 solution brings intelligent power to the field of RFID. It blends a powerful 1 watt, 4-port reader that is designed to address the unique requirements of state-of-the-art UHF Gen2 RFID applications with an advanced antenna design that also eliminates any backplane RF signal. This combination provides superior speed, range and tag acquisition efficiency without any non-targeted reads.
VerdaSee's WORKABOUT PRO™ 3 solution represents a breakthrough in versatility. It integrates the ThingMagic M6e’s compact footprint and ability to operate in all regulatory environments with the standard WORKABOUT PRO™ 3’s rugged, modular design and leverages the M6e’s multi-port capability to allow users to soft-switch between a UHF Gen2 RFID solution and an Active 433 MHz protocol for asset tracking.
VerdaSee’s WORKABOUT PRO™ 3 solution is designed for your ever changing needs. From its unique UHF / 433MHz capabilities…to its hardware expansion slots to support a whole range of add-ons…to the backward and forward compatible of VerdaSee’s integrated software solutions, VerdaSee’s WORKABOUT PRO™ 3 has the answer.

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