About VerdaSee

VerdaSee provides fixed and mobile solutions that are scalable and support multi-protocol, multi-frequency, multi-functional applications.  Its mobile solutions are self-powered, self-adaptive to any network or carrier (globally), and, when necessary (as in the case of VITAL-Suite applications) ruggedized to operate efficiently and effectively in austere environments (via the establishment of mesh networks).  All VerdaSee solutions within VITAL-Suite and VerdaC-Suite are designed to:

  • Simplify the related task
  • Significantly improve the accuracy of the data capture
  • Significantly improve the time associated with transmitting the data to appropriate parties
  • Eliminate the risk of lost data
  • Reduce (or at least maintain) the time traditionally associated with performing the related task

VerdaSee’s solutions are based upon a “platform” rather than a product.  Its solutions incorporate many applications and products that can be delivered individually, as multiple applications and/or products within a sub-system, or as a single, fully-integrated system.  This approach provides clients with the opportunity to deploy solutions on a modular basis according to their prioritization of needs.

Additionally, by focusing on the platform, individual system components can be upgraded independently without disturbing the solution.  This design protects clients from the issue of obsolescence that otherwise burdens the traditional approach that is software or product-driven.  With VerdaSee, you may use existing hardware and software without being required to upgrade; you may upgrade without any issue of forward or backward compatibility.  Obsolescence is eliminated as a cost consideration.

VerdaSee’s Vision, Mission and Values

VISION:  To create a world in which automated information systems delivered by IoT technologies help protect and preserve lives

MISSION:  To be the global leader in the design and implementation of comprehensive, state-of-the-art, IoT-based, automated information systems that operate effectively and efficiently in austere environments to protect and preserve human lives

VALUES:  VerdaSee is committed to enhancing the lives of its clients, its employees, their families, and the people of the world who are served by its solutions.  We are driven by our integrity and our absolute pledge to provide the best solutions available to contribute to the betterment of mankind