VerdaSee values the importance of human life above all else.  It recognizes that every medical “transaction” can affect the probability of achieving a positive outcome for the patient regardless of whether the transaction is between the patient and a clinician or caregiver, or if it involves medication, instruments, devices or other assets that are used or consumed in the patient’s treatment.

VITAL-Healthcareautomatically captures information surrounding each patient transaction at the point-of-care.  Data is secured quickly, accurately, and in a non-invasive manner; relieving clinicians and caregivers from the related administrative responsibilities so they can maintain better focus on treating the patient.  This information also provides an audit trail that can be used to monitor and improve performance, administer patient charges, replenish supplies, maintain patient and asset status, facilitate reunification, and address issues of federal accountability.

Applications within VITAL-Healthcare™ can also improve the tracking of critical supplies and assets; determining not only their availability but also their location and status.  Catastrophic situations can arise if supplies have been exhausted, if devices cannot be located, if instruments are not properly tracked and classified (with respect to sterilization, etc.), or if pharmaceuticals are adulterated, expired, etc.  VITAL-Healthcare™ eliminates this threat while improving inventory costs and the coordination of care.

VITAL-Healthcare™ applications are tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare environment:  improving patient care, saving time, reducing costs, and increasing accuracy.

Additionally, as demonstrated by VITAL-Triage™, VerdaSee has the ability to begin this process before a patient even arrives at a healthcare facility.  Then, many of the same applications that deliver superior logistical information within austere environments can be deployed within the significantly less volatile environment of the healthcare facility.  However, the transactional issues remain the same:

  • Patients’ locations and their transactions (i.e., administered treatments, medications, etc.) must be tracked (VITAL-Patient™)
  • Mobile assets (e.g., IV pumps, wheelchairs, radioactive isotopes, etc.) must be able to be located and their parametric conditions must be indicated (i.e., are they current in their sterilization, calibration, etc.)  (VITAL-Asset™)
  • Supply (e.g., medications, syringes, needles, etc.) must be tracked (VITAL-Supply™)

VerdaSee brings its unmatched level of expertise to address and resolve these issues.