VITAL-Humanitarian Relief™

VerdaSee recognizes the need to establish meaningful communication channels in austere environments when lives are depending on humanitarian aid.  Natural and man-made disasters can wreak havoc on power and traditional communication systems; knocking out power, telephone and cell phone coverage instantly (assuming it ever existed, which may not be the case in many areas throughout the world).  Of the 3 Phases of Humanitarian Relief, the most critical one is Phase One, which covers the first 48 hours immediately following the disaster.  Because Phase One contributes most significantly to who survives, this is where VerdaSee concentrates its effort.

VerdaSee’s VITAL-Humanitarian Relief™ suite features a wireless platform consisting of a lightweight, four component solution.  It can be deployed within minutes of arrival on scene by a single individual to create a one-person, self-powered mobile warehouse and medical response system.  Its open system software allows for real-time, web-based overlays of geo-location information, three-dimensional mapping, unique ID information, and IoT sensor utilization as well as the ability to capture and transmit vital data, pictures and video to triage those with an immediate need for care and to establish a smoother and more informed transition to traditional humanitarian aid teams who move in to address Phase Two.  Its two core elements are as follows:

VITAL-Mobile Logistics

This solution comprises the following items, all contained within a slim, reinforced case and available in as many units as is required:

  • A base communication and laptop station

  • A handheld IoT scanning device

  • A flexible smart shelf

  • A complete humanitarian logistics and data analytics software package

Mobile Command Center

VITAL-Mobile Medical

This solution includes triage, asset and supplies tracking capabilities (and “Mayday” alert can be offered with development).