VITAL-Military Logistics

VerdaSee recognizes that the military’s greatest responsibility is to “wage peace”.  Over 20% of the United States military’s effort is dedicated to humanitarian aid.  Through its VITAL-Humanitarian Relief™ modules, VerdaSee assists the military in this regard.

However, there is a second responsibility for which the military is held accountable, and that is the ability to “wage war”.  During times of crises and when world order is at risk, knowing what you have, where it is, and when you will be resupplied is of critical importance to field command and to the Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine whose life is dependent upon that information being available accurately and in a timely manner.  Countless time, money and lives can be lost because of incorrect or inaccessible data.  VerdaSee works closely with the military to create solutions that ensure that no one’s family needs to experience the ultimate horror of learning of the loss of their loved one on the front line because of an error that could have been prevented.

VerdaSee either has developed or is currently developing logistics planning, execution and tracking applications that include vehicles, containers, pallets, cartons, and supply items (for all classes of supplies).  These projects have been or are being developed under government grants that address the unique challenges of military applications as they are related to “hardening” and embedded intelligence.  Certain applications within the VerdaC-Suite™ represent the commercialization of some of these applications consistent with DoD objectives and mandates.

Among various solutions, VerdaSee offers special hardened, “intelligent” containers to facilitate the shipment and tracking of sensitive, high-value assets and supplies. Military agencies with an interest in exploring state-of-the-art solutions should contact VerdaSee directly to initiate a confidential discussion.

VerdaSee is privileged to be authorized to provide a link to the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC).