VITAL-Apparatus (Tracking)

VerdaSee recognizes within the context of First Response, Healthcare, Humanitarian Relief, and Military Logistics, it is absolutely critical to know:

  • Where are the apparatus that are required?
    • Are they in transit?  If so, when are they expected to arrive?
    • Are they currently available on-site?  If so, where are they?
    • Are they in use?  If so, by whom (i.e., have they been loaned, etc.)?
  • What needed assets do they carry?
  • What needed supplies do they carry?
  • Will additional apparatus be required?
  • and more…

Whether the apparatus are stationary or mobile, they need to be tracked.  If they cannot be located or if they are non-functional, they effectively do not exist… and someone may die as a result.  Luckily, this harsh reality is completely avoidable through VITAL-Apparatus™.

This module constantly monitors the location, movement and status of critical apparatus.  It makes sure they are available and in proper working order before, during, and after an incident occurs.

VITAL-Apparatus™ also provides value outside of the scope of an emergency situation.  By constantly monitoring apparatus status, depreciation and the associated demand trends, it is far easier to properly forecast capital requirements relative to replacement or expansion of such apparatus.