VerdaSee recognizes the need for highly-secure, extremely ruggedized, “smart” containers to ship sensitive, volatile, mission-critical items that can be tracked anywhere… at any time.  VITAL-Container™ answers that need.

VerdaSee’s VITAL-Container™ is militarily hardened and provides real-time, global location tracking.  It also has a full range of integrated environmental monitoring capabilities including:

  • Motion detection
  • Shock detection
  • Anti-theft detection (including a breach of any kind)
  • Temperature sensing
  • Humidity sensing
  • Biological sensing

Each VITAL-Container™ has an IoT Gateway Tag embedded that records all such data and stamps it with the date, time and geographic location at which the detection or sensing was triggered.  The IoT Gateway Tag also records its complete location history and stores a manifest of the items carried within the VITAL-Container™.

For Military Logistics, Humanitarian Relief and Security applications, VITAL-Container™ represents a breakthrough in the secured transporting and storage of high-value assets and supplies.