VITAL-First Responder

VerdaSee’s solution helps protect and preserve the lives of First Responders and provide critical, real-time information to Incident Commanders.  All modules are designed to significantly improve accuracy and accelerate (or fully automate) data capture while maintaining or reducing the time and effort associated with current practices.  Available modules dedicated to First Responders include:

Within minutes, establish an independent mobile network that surrounds the incident area and creates a communication capability that has proven to be effective in the most austere of environments.

All automatic data capture occurs and is transmitted in real-time to First Responders, Incident Commanders, Triage Unit Leaders and Medical Coordinators as well as to EMTs, Paramedics and hospital personnel according to established protocols.

Automatically track First Responder’s Point-of-Entry “time-in” via traditional portal model

VITAL-Interior Attack
Automatically track First Responder’s approximate location during Interior Attack

Last known location via traditional portal model

Automatically track First Responder’s Point-of-Exit

Time-out via traditional portal model

VITAL-Dynamic Location
Automatically track First Responder’s actual location during incident

Actual location via three-dimensional (3D) tracking

VITAL-Timing and Alarm
Automatically track which First Responders are at the incident, where they are and any relevant “exposure” information (available compressed air, etc.)


All modules and related hardware, once activated, are:

  • “Transparent” to the First Responder (i.e., require no effort and add negligible weight)
  • Provide accurate, real-time data
  • Provide complete visibility to Incident Commander
  • Function within multi-story buildings and in wide, densely populated areas
  • Automatically create redundant storage of data