VITAL-Mobile Logistics

Particularly with regard to Military Logistics and Humanitarian Relief, one of the greatest challenges is being able to establish Logistics Centers in austere and desolate locations.  Misplaced and misappropriate apparatus, assets and supplies can translate into immediate threats to human life.  VITAL-Mobile Logistics™ provides a solution.

VerdaSee has designed VITAL-Mobile Logistics™ to allow an individual to establish a virtual warehouse anywhere within minutes.  This field-deployed, standalone application establishes an IoT-enabled, fixed perimeter location of whatever size is required to track the apparatus, assets and supplies that are required on site.  The virtual warehouse can be rapidly expanded or collapsed as driven by the changing needs of the operating environment.  Deployment is quick, seamless, cost effective, and totally flexible.

VITAL-Mobile Logistics™ then integrates the strengths of VITAL-Apparatus™, VITAL-Asset™, and VITAL-Supply™ to track all such elements as they are in transit, received, stored and used in field operations.  The solution allows supply chain management to be optimized, security issues to be minimized, and the delivery of materials and relief to be maximized.

This solution comprises the following, all contained within a slim, reinforced case and available in as many units as is required:

  • A base communication and laptop station
  • A handheld IoT scanning device
  • A flexible smart shelf
  • A complete humanitarian logistics and data analytics software package
mobile command center