VITAL-Mobile Medical

Military theaters, mass casualty events and epidemics do not offer a choice of venues.  Often, medical care (beyond triage) is required in austere environments in order to save lives.

VerdaSee recognizes this reality and designed VITAL-Mobile Medical™ to address it.  VITAL-Mobile Medical™ integrates mayday alerts with the power of:

As a result, Medical Clinicians and Caregivers, First Responders, Humanitarian Relief and Military Personnel have the ability to rapidly deploy a field-based medical arena to address casualties efficiently and effectively under the most difficult of circumstances.  Beyond triage, VITAL-Mobile Medical™ creates the ability to provide short-to-long term care until other resources can be made available.  It is an extraordinary step toward securing care for all who need it.

When appropriate, VITAL-Mobile Medical™ can also integrate VITAL-Agency Communication™ to coordinate aid that might be available from other agencies.  It can also incorporate VITAL-Reunification™ to provide relevant information to loved-ones without placing a strain on standard communication resources.