Vital Navigator

VerdaSee’s Solution Design Philosophy is platform-based.   As such, VITAL-Navigator™ is at the root of all solution development.  This web-based middleware provides the software navigation that allows accurate information, captured by other technologies, in all formats (data, photo, and video), frequencies, and protocols to be transmitted in real-time to the entire VITAL-Suite™ of applications as well as to all compatible collection devices and existing client software systems.

Rather than requiring clients to invest in new RF data collection hardware, VITAL-Navigator™ can communicate with any existing COTS (Commercial-Off-the-Shelf) RF data collection hardware that clients may have.  Of course, VerdaSee can recommend the most optimal hardware solutions for those clients whose applications demand it or who chose to migrate to a superior technology at this time.  However, because VITAL-Navigator™ can support migration at any point, clients are free to defer such decisions for any length of time… or forever.

Correspondingly, because of the elegance of the VITAL-Navigator™ middleware, migration to evolving technology is also not an issue.  VITAL-Navigator™ provides clients with the security of knowing that they will never be left with a dated system that cannot be upgraded because of forward compatibility issues.

Additionally, VITAL-Navigator™ can pass information to a client’s existing software systems.  Traditionally, systems integration initiatives require software customization and the related time and money associated with defining, designing, writing, implementing and debugging “one-off” systems that can become support challenges for companies at a later date.  Conversely, once data links are established, VITAL-Navigator™ passes information seamlessly to existing client systems.  This approach mitigates expense and training issues and allows clients to fully leverage past investments.

VITAL-Navigator™ can:

  • Serve as an Incident Notification System
  • Provide web-based teleconferencing with video conferencing capability
  • Manage multiple incidents simultaneously
  • Manage thousands of patients simultaneously
  • Manage thousands of apparatus, assets and supplies simultaneously
  • Manage agency communications (regardless of protocols)
  • Manage reunification efforts
  • Etc.

VITAL-Navigator™ is the bridge between all applications within the VITAL-Suite™ and the parallel applications that comprise the VerdaC-Suite™ of commercial applications.  This allows both suites to benefit from development initiatives and field-tested experience they share.  As a result, you benefit from the most effective, efficient and cost sensitive systems in the world.