VerdaSee recognizes that within the context of First Response, Healthcare, Humanitarian Relief, and Military Logistics, it is absolutely critical to know:

  • Where patients are
    • Are they in transit? (VITAL-Triage™)  If so, when are they expected to arrive?
    • Are they currently on-site?  If so, where are they?
  • What apparatus, assets or supplies do (or will) they need?
    • When will they need them?
    • How much will be needed?
    • When was it (or will it be) used or dispensed?
    • By whom was it delivered?
    • Was what was delivered what was prescribed?
    • Was it delivered in a timely manner?
  • and more…

VITAL-Patient™ resolves these issues.  This module constantly monitors the location, movement and status of patients and the administration of their care.  While VITAL-Triage™ addresses patient needs on-site at an incident and in transit, VITAL-Patient™ manages patient care from that point forward as well as for those patients who are admitted under more normal circumstances.

Patients move… sometimes without permission.  It can be crucial to know where they are at any instant in time.  VITAL-Patient™ tracks patient movement throughout your healthcare facility (whether fixed or field-based).  It also tracks the administration of care by clinicians and caregivers; time and date stamping each activity.  This not only facilitates the effective and efficient reconciliation of treatment and billing, it mitigates liability exposure as well.

VerdaSee’s VITAL-Patient™ is the state-of-the-art way to protect and preserve lives, improve patient care, and significantly lower costs for the healthcare provider.