VITAL-Reunification (Family)

VerdaSee recognizes the agony caused by “not knowing” whether a family member has been injured in, or even survived, an incident in which they may have been involved.  The trauma is every bit as real for individuals who have been injured in an incident.  How will their families know they are alive?

Communication bandwidth is at a premium during a mass casualty incident.  It can ill-afford to be allocated to reunification efforts when lives are still at risk.  This does not represent a lack of compassion or understanding but rather a serious and real resource limitation.  Command and critical care personnel cannot spend valuable time communicating with media sources when their focus needs to remain on site management and patient treatment.

VerdaSee’s VITAL-Navigator™ middleware addresses this issue by providing an automated capability to push information to select resources with significant bandwidth to set up patient-specific reunification sites for family members of victims and patients as well as general incident reports that media sources can draw upon at their convenience.